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Our methods focus on long-term wellness and measurable results.

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Fresh Start Fitness

Based in New Jersey,  Freshstart Fitness is the restoration center where you can come have your body restored to your specific request. We pride ourselves on accomplishing our client's goals.

Don’t waste another day. By making your health and happiness a priority, you can experience all the benefits that goal-focused nutrition and fitness bring. 


Dedication in training can have a positive effect on everything you tackle in life if you apply the same focus and energy.


Results don't come overnight, it requires hard work and consistency. It is important to be patient.

Why Choose Us?

We encourage healthy lifestyles beyond the walls of the gym. As a fitness center that
inspires and uplifts our clients, we strive to offer personalized and life-enhancing
experiences to our local community.

Functional Trainings 100%
Sports Specific 90%
Boxing 95%
Sport Nutrition 95%

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Rob Williford

Owner/Lead Trainer
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Donte Clark


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